A Wiki for real Developers ☺

MARKY is a flat file Markdown Wiki which creates the menu and renders the contents on the fly... and it's blazing fast!

Check it out and edit contents with your favorite editor. History and versioning are done by Git.

It is based on Microfony, a Symfony Micro Framework. The frontend is build with Bootstrap 3.


MARKY renders all markdown files from var/data based on the folder structure. This can also be a symlink to a different repository. 1st level folders inside var/data are displayed as topics in the top navigation.

├── ...
├── app/
├── ...
├── var/
|   ├── cache/
|   ├── data/ -> /opt/git/wiki/
|   └── logs/
├── src/
├── ...


  • html validation errors fixed
  • webhook wiki updater on push events
  • subfolder support for deeper structure
  • blog view for folders (most recent first)
  • parsedown extension for setting proper class
  • internal image url rewrite
  • syntax highlighting
  • pdf creation in footer
  • responsive images
  • alphabetical listing of files in menu
  • better search results with excerpt
  • clean print view of pages
  • show 'Last edit' by author with date from git history
  • text search function with search results
  • accordion menu in sidebar
  • document name in html title tag


  • simplifying some business logic
  • enhanced search based on topic
  • make the search more clever


  • strange behaviour of twig's trim filter
  • german umlauts in file name
  • dompdf (few) document not found
  • no images in generated pdf


MARKY is an open source project and licensed under GPLv2.

© 2017 MARKY. Handmade with ♥ in Heidelberg by Philipp Speck.